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Family history became my hobby over 50 years ago, though it was very different then with everything done by mail and details recorded in a folder on sheets of paper, then in a card index. Moving into a computer database (The Master Genealogist, or TMG) and being an early user of the Internet changed everything. Along the way I had learned of Fairhalls and Fairalls who did not appear to be "my family", so I started compiling those other families. This developed over the years into a dedicated One Name Study, with family contacts all over the world.

This site, which for privacy reasons excludes living persons, is my first venture into publishing all 18 families I have recorded, though my data includes some 2,700 people gleaned from various Registers etc. who as yet are "orphans": not a member of a known family. The search goes on, and I hope to hear from other researchers of these or associated surnames, as without such contacts and sharing of data our hobby would be much more difficult.

This option accesses the various family trees, containing over 29,000 people in all families (Some updates to 26 January 2022).

The families here only contain persons known or believed to be deceased. You may know of more to include! But there is a FULL PROJECT option, which includes the "orphans" as well. Start here if you aren't sure which family to explore, and use the yellow-framed links from your chosen person to explore that family.

I suggest you browse a family starting with either PERSON SEARCH or FAMILY CHARTS. From these pages you can follow links throughout the family. Enjoy!
A treasure trove of Fairhall background material.

It includes documents and photographs about migration from England, the immigrant ship "Maitland", Fairhall wines, places associated with the name, Fairhall and Fairall families world-wide, and MORE!

There are also biographical details of a number of NOTABLE FAMILY MEMBERS, and Stan Fairhall's 100+ year old photographs are worth examining.
DNA Chain

So far, I have been able to document 18 presently unlinked Fairall and Fairhall families across the world, each containing a cluster of related people and almost all with origins in East Sussex.

And there are many more people and events recorded that could fit into those families if we were able to obtain the necessary evidence.

I would love contact from anyone with Fairall or Fairhall connections to increase my family data and possibly open up links between the families.

Many Fairhalls and Fairalls have information, in knowledge or print, that could be included here if I knew about it. Please click on my name at the bottom of any person's page to send me an email.

This page was updated on: 26 January 2022