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My Family Line My Family - from Brede, Sussex
Victoria to Tasmania William Fairhall and Matilda Rock's family

Lindfield John Fayrehall of Lindfield, West Sussex
To Canada William and Caroline Fairhall: to Canada
Kent County Joseph and Ellen Fairhall, Joseph and Elizabeth Fairhall - Kent
East Sussex Fairhalls from Brighton and Lewes (Sussex)
Surrey 3 Thomas and Mary A. Fairhall from Surrey
Brighton (SSX) William and Sarah Fairhall from Brighton (Sussex)
Surrey 3
Sussex Family 3 (SSX) John and Maria Fairhall from Bolney (Sussex)
Edward to NSW Edward and Grace (Offin) Fairall from Sussex
Nelson Fairhalls Thomas and Elizabeth from Brede (Sussex)
John and Philadelphia John and Philadelphia (Masters) Fairall
Greymouth NZ William Fairhall to Greymouth, New Zealand
Caterham Fairalls John and Ann Fairall from Caterham
England Fairhalls 1 Thomas and Mary Ann (Apted) Fairhall's family. Their son John emigrated to Victoria
Surrey to NSW The family of John and Jane (Gatland) Fairall
emigrate to NSW and to South Africa
England Fairhalls 2 George Farehall (Fairhall) - a family now in east England
Sussex Fairalls The family of John and Ann Fairall - around Wartling, East Sussex

All my data All Non-Living members of my One-Name Project


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